Exploring Diversity of Potentials advantages and limits of using urban environment as a performing space

The aim of the workshop entitled “Exploring Diversity of Potentials: advantages and limits of using urban environment as a performing space” is to explore potentials, advantages and limits of urban environments as performing spaces.

Inspired by the Serlio’s “Scenic Stages” from “The Five Books of Architecture” and excerpts from selected texts, three groups of participants will examine urban space of the city of Prague in order to identify, articulate and determine particular spaces for their performances. Starting with the creation of basic concept for the chosen space, each group will work on various meanings of the same space, produce a series of workshop materials and present their final works to the audience.

International and interdisciplinary teams of leader/mentors and participants are aimed at encouraging culturally diverse views and perspectives, and enabling creatively and professionally integrated approach to not only scenography but, more importantly, scene design.

Workshop Leader: Radivoje Dinulovic

Workshop Assistants: Sofija Ristevska, Ljerka Hribar, Marina Radulj, Aleksandar Brkic

Target group: Interdisciplinary group of theatre designers, architects, visual artists, technicians, producers, etc.