Reaching for the Heavens

An exploration of three-dimensional form, light, sound and movement. Insects, Birds, Men, Planets, Spaceships and Stars fly around Babel - a kinetic sculpture of airborne objects expanding during the course of the exhibition.

These workshops combine craft skills, design skills, technical skills and team skills that should provide all involved with an artistic challenge in joyous celebration of collaborative creativity.

Students from a range of theatre disciplines such as Design. Lighting, Sound and Technical Arts are invited to participate.


There are 2 workshops - each lasting 3 days.
Up to 30 participants in each workshop (divided into small groups).

The first workshop will start before the opening of the exhibition as the first group of sculptures will “ascend to the heavens” on the opening night. (See below)

Participants will work in small teams, constructing sculptures from low cost materials, wire, cane, bamboo and paper. These will then be illuminated either internally or externally or both.

The structures will be built alongside the themes of Scenofest, linking to Birds and Babel. The sculptures can relate to all forms of flight be it mechanical, insect, bird or man or a mixture of all.

These will be flown into the Babel exhibition space and hopefully be animated using rudimentary flying systems and sound designers will create soundscapes to culminate in an evening presentation.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop 1 – Tuesday 12 June to Thursday 14 June

Workshop Leaders: Peter Farley UK, Janne Auvinen FI, Ashley Shairp, Maximum Humphries

Workshop 2 – Saturday 16 June to Monday 18 June

Workshop Leaders: Ursula Belden USA,  Janne Auvinen FI, Madeleine Sobota USA, Brandon Kirkham, Firenza Guidi

“Reaching for the Heavens” - Sculptures Ascending

Thursday 14 June  (exhibition opening)

Monday 18 June



update: 9/1/07