STRANGE ENCOUNTERS: alien bodies performing in the city of Prague

The stage is where phantoms are made flesh and the familiar is made strange; where strangers gather to witness other worlds. Yet within our familiar surroundings there lie the invisible, the silent, the forgotten and the marvelous.  

How, in a time of the media image and the threat of the other, can we identify with and perform otherness?  

This project begins with the city of Prague and its strangers (itinerants, refugees, misfits, tourist and ghosts). It focuses on the door as a portal to other worlds. This threshold within the city will be explored in relation to the ‘other’ (where homeless sleep, where drunkards urinate, where visitors await, where fugitives hide and lovers falter). Working in groups, the theatrical possibilities of these in-between spaces will be presented through projected images; utilising cameras, computers, drawing, object-making and performance.  The result will be a time-based performance proposal.

Digital expertise is hereby not mandatory, as we intend to utilise technology in a simple way. However, we kindly ask as many participants as possible to bring available digital cameras (still/moving with firewires), and laptops with powerpoint, photoshop and simple film editing software.

3-day workshop: 19th-21st June with presentation on evening 21st June.

Day #1: Introduction: Who is the ‘other’ in the city/theatre?
  Morning: Introduction to project overview/storyboarding + Kafka’s door
  Afternoon/Evening: Group work in Prague, its doors + strangers
Day #2: Organising material & formulating a conceptual approach
  Morning: Storytelling: performative strategies + organising findings
  Afternoon: Group presentation for feedback
    Finalise conceptual ideas and organise presentation
Day #3: Finalising presentation
  Morning: Group tutorials/feedback to proposals
  Afternoon: Develop presentation rest of day
  Evening:  Presentation and critique
Group work will be distilled into a digital presentation that will be incorporated into a presentation of all projects on a loop for data presentation.
Evening Presentation and critique

Workshop Leaders: Dorita Hannah, Lilja Blumenfeld, Sam Trubridge

Target group: students and young practitioners of performance and design