Transpositions Reimagining Places and Re-thinking Waste

This full day workshop is informed by the vibrant arts and crafts practices that have emerged from the townships in South Africa, forging a new aesthetic that both surprises and delights by its imaginative use of unorthodox materials.
The position of having limited resources or even access to conventional media has been the springboard for an inventive appropriation and redefinition of urban waste. Re-fashioned and transformed, the by-products of a consumer society now constitute a fresh range of materials with which to play and create. The source of pleasure for the viewer is the ingenuity of the artist.
This approach to manipulation of materials will be anchored in a project that has a conceptual underpinning in the consideration of the buildings that construct our social landscape. We will play with juxtapositions and fusions of specific places, their identities and their use.

Workshop Leader: Sarah Roberts
Workshop Assistant: Illka Louw

Target group: Directing and stage design students