Scenography and Set Design

The Lectures

The workshops will explore the dynamics and poetics of space and live performance; each will develop work with students during the course of the Scenofest and culminate in varied forms of public presentations,

15/6 16:30 SCL1 A Study of Breugels´ Babel Xavier De Coster Lecture Hall
16/6 11:30 EF20 > << (Work in progress)  Shelbatra Jashari and Jan Ackenhausen Scenofest stage
18/6 14:00 SCL Teresa Przybylski: Retrospective Presentation Teresa Przybylski Scenofest stage
19/6 11:30 SCL3 Multisensory Concerts (Concerts For the Deaf ) Raewyn Turner
Tony Brooks
Scenofest stage
20/6 14:30 EF02  A graphic view of scenography of contemporary Bangladesh theatre Shafi Ahmed (Bangladesh) Architects stage