Audioscape 3D - a new ambisonic platform for sound design

  AUDIOSCAPE development history, overview and applications - Paul Gillieron
AUDIOSCAPE software development Dave Hunt / Nick Rothwell
AUDIOSCAPE demonstration Tim Scott
Demonstration of 3D audio composition Martyn Ware (Illustrious)
Demonstration of fractal landscapes and mathematical variability Godwin Vickers
Demonstration of AUDIOSCAPE interactivity with projected fractal landscapes
Hands on demonstrations with attendees
  CDs/Brochures available with 3D application recorded can be played back on stereo headphones.

 Our Team:

Paul Gillieron, Director PGAD/surroundAV/Quantum Theatre

Tim Scott, Consultant PGAD/surroundAV

Nick Gillieron, Director, surroundAV

Dave Hunt, Director, Dave Hunt Audio

Nick Rothwell, Director, Cassiel

Godwin Vickers, Director, Quantum Theatre

Martyn Ware Director, Illustrious

Asa Bennett Consultant, Illustrious

Mick Ritchie (LMC)