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Sound Digital Exhibition

An interactive exhibition of professional and student sound designs curated by World Stage Design 2005 Sound Design Gold Medal winner Joe Pino. This exhibit is intended to represent sound design and compositional work from artists around the globe. It is open to any audio work created from June 2002. Submisions are closed now. read more

Laptop Connections Installation

The OISTAT Sound Working Group is pleased to announce the Laptop Connections Installation, to take place at the Masarykovo Railway Station during PQ07. The installation/performance will include eight to ten pairs of sound designers, one member of each team onsite and the other member in a remote location, performing a live soundscore in the Railway Station. Each onsite designers will be strategically positioned around the station with their laptops, connected to a WiFi network, amplified through a pair of powered computer speakers and perform their contribution into the unique environment that is the Masarykovo Station.  read more

The Workshops 

Practical workshops and presentation/master classes run over the 10 days of the PQ in The Alfred ve Dvore Theatre, a controlled environment near to the main exhibition hall. Students will be encouraged to develop designs in advance linked to the Tower of Babel. The work created will then feed into collaborative presentations between students of all disciplines in the main Babel Tower, as a part of evening installations.

Further workshop details

The Babel Bell

Before each presentation on the Scenofest stage the Babel Bell will toll. This will not be a bell in the traditional sense, but a loudspeaker.  Submissions will be invited from both students and professionals to create a sound, which will act as a 'call' to the Scenofest stage. It is hoped to have a different 'call' for each presentation or event.  We will be encouraging practitioners and students from all fields to submit wav files or MP3's for consideration to Steve Brown. So, whether you are a Scenographer, Costume, Sound or Lighting designer, who has imagination and access to a simple audio recorder, your contribution will be welcome.


Site-specific sound projects around central Prague, focussing on specific locations: Within central Prague, invited international sound designers, practitioners and students will work to create sonic performances. A live sound project in which a sound garden is set up to allow people to walk through and interact with mechanical sound producing devices; introducing and inviting sound exploration to those who are intimidated by its technology. 

Design Presentations 

These will take place each day in the Central Hall or in the Alfred ve Dvore Theatre, featuring a range of distinguished international sound practitioners and educators.

Presentation details

Sound Parties

The Alfred ve Dvore Theatre will host gatherings of students and professionals and provide a forum for designers to share examples of their sound designs, soundscapes and compositions, in an open, relaxed and supportive, informal environment.

15/6 18:30 SOP01 Sound Party, Alfred ve dvoře

Sound Park

The aim of this installation is to show that the creation of sound is possible and just as much fun when using structures and machines. Using replicas and ideas based on research into machines used for the creation of sound effects in years gone by, we hope to be able to produce an interesting, exciting and creative ‘living’ exhibition for visitors to the Výstaviště for the Prague Quadrennial to enjoy Read More

OISTAT Sound working group meeting

Meeting of the OISTAT sound working group, everybody interested in sound is welcome on 20th at 20:00 at Bohemian Bagel (formerly the Corso Restaurant).

Reaching for the Heavens

Collaboration across all disciplines to create two late evening installation/performances on the 13th and the 18th of June. Read more.

Sound Group Leader: Steve Brown

Sound Team