Sound Digital Exhibition


The Second International Theatre Sound  Score and Music Composition Exhibition

At Scenofest, Part of the 2007 Prague Quadrennial

General Information:

This exhibit is intended to represent sound design and compositional work from artists around the globe. It is open to any audio work created from June 2002 to present including but not limited to:

• Theatrical Soundscores
• Audio from Installations
• Original Music
• Work-in-progress
• Dance scores
• Sound Art
• Work produced for no purpose other than your own artistic fulfillment

This exhibit is designed to celebrate a broad range of audio artistry that compliments the audio work exhibited in the individual country exhibits and the Schools of Scenography exhibit. The exhibit consists of two stations in the main PQ exhibit hall. Each station will have multiple, noise blocking headphones for listening and computer screens for viewing the visual content. Viewers will be free to navigate the exhibit as they choose.

Participants include:

Questions can be directed to Joe Pino at . Please include PQ07DSE in the subject line to facilitate a timely reply.