Sound Park – interactive sound machines


A collaborative project between Sound Designer Steven Brown and the Students and Staff of Central School of Speech and Drama, London


Project Overview

Many people associate sound and sound design with the use of technology. The aim of this installation is to show that the creation of sound is possible and just as much fun when using structures and machines. Using replicas and ideas based on research into machines used for the creation of sound effects in years gone by, we hope to be able to produce an interesting, exciting and creative ‘living’ exhibition for visitors to the Výstaviště for the Prague Quadrennial to enjoy.

It is be hoped that this installation will encourage a number of ‘impromptu’ performances as people explore the possibilities of using these sound making machines. 


Location of Installation

We hope to be able to install four interactive exhibits on the tarmac approach to the Výstaviště Visitors to PQ will be encouraged to use, create and explore the sounds that these machines produce. An aerial view of Výstaviště, the main exhibition venue for the Prague Quadrennial. The approach walkway, (with circular paving) is clearly shown, this will be the location of the sound machines.

The Machines 

Below are a selection the working drawings and initial ideas for the sound machines we propose to exhibit in Prague. Construction will shortly begin shortly and these will be tested at Central School of Speech and Drama in the coming months before shipping to the exhibition site.

Sound tree Wind maker Rain maker