Theater Sound Design: A Communal Process?


Theater Sound Design has been seen and described as a creative and technical process of unifying various sound elements in order to achieve the complete aural environment of a production. In stage productions produced in the Philippines, the sound design process seems to be more than just creative and technical. More often than not, it involves artistic and technical decisions shared and executed by the sound designer, performer, director, and in some instances, other artistic designers of the production team. Such a complex process in Philippine stage productions lie primarily in its novelty as a design field in Philippine Theater as well as the influence of the Filipino values of pakíkisáma (to be one with) and báyaníhan (to be of assistance) in the production process.

Workshop Leader: Jethro Joaquin

Target group: Theater educators, students and practitioners of production design (set/costumes) and technical theatre (lighting design, sound design, technical directors). Stage directors and performers are also taken into consideration.