1/4 stage


1:4 model theatre

The making of a theatreproduction is a collaborative art within an artistic team. Within the work of such a team the set- and costume-design can be presented rather concrete and be able to be judged by visible information. A model, colours, fabric, drawings, photographs are all examples that make evident proof of the design.
To show a lichtplot does not at all show the results of the design. A photograph, drawings or paintings do show some atmospheric results but hard to judge for people who need to see the real.
I know, 3d digital virtual reality can make lighting visible. And you believe in it. But do all the members of the artistic team see the same as you, with your professional interpretating mind behind your eyes? And above all; does this give any representation of how you will be working together; hidden behind a computerscreen? 

The modeltheatre offers the opportunity to ‘play with light’ in a very infomal way. The artistic team can discuss light in a setting where effects are easily achieved and altered. Imagine you can reach the grid just by standing up. You do not need a ladder or a crew, you just shuffle with the lights. You have the opportunity to speak about the effects of light, show the possibilities and obstructions without moving heavy sets, but with the aid of cardboard.
And it is playing you have always want to play with lights. Theatre makers can experiment, achieve results and make decisions at a fraction of the cost of a real theatre and save you from waste of time, labor and money and at the same time have fun!

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