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Scenofest is an international festival of Scenography organized by the OISTAT Education Commission in partnership with the Theatre Institute Prague on the occasion of the next Prague Quadrennial (PQ) of Stage Design in 2007.

The partnership between OISTAT and the PQ brings the best in world stage design, cutting edge technology and practice and up and coming theatre designers to Prague for 10 days of creative collaboration and learning.

The PQ is the most famous event in the world theatrical calendar.   Once every 4 years, artists, and practitioners from all over the world flood into this beautiful city the world centre of Theatre Design since 1948.   The historic exhibition halls at Vysta Vyste are the focus of myriad events that attract visitors and local people to come and see what has been happening in World Theatre over the past 4 years.

In 2003 20,000 people visited PQ and Scenofest.   More than 3400 were theatre professionals and more than 1500, young people from 60 countries.   Scenofest 03 was so successful in enhancing the experience of those attending that based on current expressions of interest, more than double the numbers can be expected for Scenofest 07.

The Scenofest program includes:  The Tower of Babel - an ever-evolving space for exhibition, installation and performance; Aristophanes' The Birds - a themed exhibition for students; Design as Performance - with designers as the core creators; and an abundance of Workshops across all areas of the Theatrical Design.

Scenofest 07 has to be the best festival ever!   By providing a place for young people to meet, exchange ideas, work together in workshops and exhibit their talents, we promote world understanding and establish peaceful cultural relationships. 

We need financial support to make this happen in the best possible way. 

Scenofest is offering the following sponsorship opportunities:

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