The Theatre Technical Training in EU project is a recarch and development project co-financed by the European Union programme Leonardo Da Vinci.The proposal started in October 2005 and ends in September 2007.

The target groups in the project are all those working in the field of  theatre technics such as:
- sound and light engineers, stage technicians, stage managers, riggers and pyrotechnicians etc.
- The theatre employers, unions and training organisations focusing on developing the field of theatre technical professions.

The project aims at recognicing special expertice needed by technical professionals working in the rapidly changing technical theatre. The core analysis of their professional competences will be a tool for the vocational training institutions to analyse their present qualifications and for the professionals to do self evaluation and to plan continuous education.

The project also promotes transparency of qualifications in different partner countries and makes it easier to compare the training offered in various training institutions.

The TTT Competence Analyse Tool will help employers and employees to define the training needed to keep up with the variety of competences needed in the technical theatre.
The theatre technical dictionary in 5 languages included in the Competence Analyse Tool will help professionals by making concepts used in theatre technical professions intelligible.