The PQ Scenofest Team 


The OISTAT Education Commission, by appointment of the OISTAT Executive Committee, has committed to conceive, organize and implement the cultural and educational program of Scenofest’07 in collaboration with PQ

With the guidance of the president of OISTAT Michael Ramsaur, (Scenofest 2003 Organizer), the Education Commission under the direction of it’s Chair, Marina Raytchinova has created a team of professional and educational specialists to plan and run the program of events at Scenofest 2007.

Michael Ramsaur USA Pamela Howard
Project Director and Financial manager                                                    Scenofest Originator
Design Excellence Curator
Top Ten Talks
Sean Crowley UK Marina Raytchinova Bulgaria
Project Leader -Scenofest Programming and Content
Design as Performance Curator
Birds Exhibition Curator
Scenography Workshop Leader
Ian Evans UK Chris Van Goethem Belgium
Scenofest Technical Director
Technical Workshop Leader
Scenofest Web Master and Technical Theatre group leader
Barbara Tůmová Czech Republic Steven Brown UK
Scenofest Project Co-ordinator for the PQ Scenofest Sound Design Project Leader
Henk Van De Geest the Netherlands Jean Guy Lecat France
Scenofest Lighting Project Leader  Scenofest Performance Space Designer
Donatella Barbieri UK Petr Matásek Czech Republic
Scenofest Costume Project Leader  Scenofest Puppetry Project Leader
Illka Louw, South Africa Jane Liu Taiwan
Special Assistant, Exhibitions Scenofest Graphic Designer 
Martin Paling, UK Patrick Beegan, UK
Publication project leader Scenofest construction manager
Peter Farley, UK