Le Voyeur




A mobile theatrical installation about a man looking at life’s major and minor peculiarities. As he wakes up one morning the world has suddenly changed, so he sets off inventing his own. But his creation seems hard to control, constantly slipping out of his hands.


The performance is conceived in close collaboration with Visual Act’s crew, using their platforms and equipment, combining cutting edge stage technology with visual performance art.


The collaboration between Visual Act and the artists is a long-term development process, exploring various applications for inventive technology and theatre.


After the performance a short introduction to Visual Act follows, giving the audience a hands-on experience and an opportunity to try the equipment on their own.


Performed by Lars Bethke

Conceived and directed by Peder Bjurman and Lars Bethke

Visual act Operator: Daniel Boll

With kind support by Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm/Anders Larsson.


Performances: June18TH at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 pm

Venue: SCENOFEST 2007 in Ekotechnické Museum, Papírenska 6, Prague



Lars Bethke, actor, director, choreographer. After a successful career as a dancer, Bethke took on directing and choreographing international shows and musicals in Europe and in the U.S. Since then he has returned to Sweden where he has worked as a director for the new circus company Cirkus Cirkör as well as created his own shows. As an actor he has recently performed in ”Tjechov Trädgården”, ”Haunted Dancehall” and in ”Richard III” as well as featuring in two feature films “Tjock Tjuven” and “Se upp för dårarna”.  


Peder Bjurman, director, writer and set designer. Has written lyrics for opera, theatre, radio theatre and shows by Swedish performance art company Reich+Szyber and Charlotte Engelkes, as well as creating his own shows. He has an ongoing collaboration with the Canadian director Robert Lepage and co-wrote the solo pieces ”Far Side of the Moon” and ”The Andersen Project”. Bjurman was nominated for a ”Golden Mask” for his set design for the theatre play  ”Doktor Glas” in Stockholm this year.


Visual A.C.T. (Artistic Computer Technology) was formed 2001 by experienced theater technicians together with software developers. Their ambition was to fill the gap between traditional technique and cutting edge technology. Visual act produces systems for moving scenery that are modular, flexible and economic. They will open up new possibilities for the designer and free the technician from heavy, repetitive tasks. Visual act´s system uses modern computer based technology to bring effectiveness and flexibility to the stage. They have worked with international and worldwide theaters and productions.


Stockholm, May 2007