Interactive Scenography 


Real time interactive manipulation of projections and sound using Isadora

This three-day intensive workshop will focus on using Isadora®, the ground-breaking, real-time media manipulation software, to create both static and interactive scenography using video projection. Taught by Isadora creator and Troika Ranch Artistic Director Mark Coniglio, the workshop will present a thorough introduction to Isadora’s features; including video playback, compositing, triggering, and interactive manipulation, and how to effectively use Isadora to enhance creativity during the rehearsal process. Interwoven with the technical details will be a series of exercises that illuminate strategies for creating effective hybrid works that integrate live performance with interactive imagery and sound. All participants will receive a three-month license for Isadora, allowing them to continue their experiments after the workshop concludes. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer (Mac or PC) if possible – see for technical specifications.

Workshop leader: Mark Coniglio                          




  Pictures A.T. Schaeffer