grandMA video 


Video is probably one of the biggest changes that lighting fixtures have made after the revolution of automated lighting in the 80ies. The use of video - as a central visual element in shows has definitely grown during the last years.

The control of video is done by media servers which can be controlled via lighting consoles. This convergence of lighting and video enables the designer to take control of all the visual imagery on the stage to arouse emotions by the use of illumination and video.
To program video it is inevitable to learn more about video than just how to operate a media server. While conventional lighting fixtures are connected and controlled via DMX, the data distribution for controlling video requires a new physical structure: Ethernet - with all its different protocols. Different output devices like Plasma Screens, projectors or LEDs finally bring the videoshow onto stage via analogue or digital video signals. Furthermore there is a lot to know about the video data itself the content. For achieving optimum performance the hardware, software and as well the content has to be well adjusted.