Volunteers for Scenofest  


In addition to merely attending and taking part in the planned events, the Scenofest team extends the invitation to a wider participation in making the teams who will run the Scenofest on a day to day basis. This invitation is extended to individuals, schools and students.

The Scenofest team is looking for international volunteers interested in becoming a part of the team that helps run the Scenofest. There are a range of active roles that you may contribute to, before, during and after Scenofest. All we ask is a commitment to working together with us in a truly international collaboration, to promote performance design and education. 

If you can offer any of the following skills:

Volunteers to work for Scenofest in any of these areas should send a volunteer form to info@scenofest.org from May 2006.

The Scenofest team are interested in any practitioners interested in offering their services as workshop support or leaders. Your involvement will be welcomed.

A Particular request goes out to those in the field of video art, new media. If you wish to be a part of this exciting event and share your knowledge with future practitioners, then let us know.